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Technology transcends borders and changes the lives of millions

About Black Panther Capital


Our core beliefs rest in bringing valuable and unique opportunities to our investors

Black Panther Capital (BPC) is founded by established and influential family offices around the world. From Shenzhen to San Diego, Congo to Zurich, New York to Hong Kong, our BPC team, 50+ family offices, and global partnerships span across some of the most attractive markets for innovation and growth. 


Our core beliefs rest in bringing valuable and unique opportunities to our investors, not only through financial returns but also new markets opportunities and industry expertise and partnerships. At BPC, we truly believe that technology transcends borders and changes the lives of millions. We serve as a bridge for this era of transformation.

Get to Know Us

Black Panther Global Alliance (BPGA) officially launched in December 2019 as an exclusive invite only alliance of influential technology founders and investors from around the world.


As the world goes into further chaos, we believe an open-minded, passionate group of people from around of world could open the doors to better understand diverse cultures, the development of emerging markets, and the eruption technology is bringing to all fronts.


Our alliance members come from 20+ countries with diverse backgrounds, serving as a natural cross border platform for opportunities in all arenas.


Black Panther Global Alliance


With increasing globalization, a diverse set of investment opportunities arise in emerging markets. BPC is paving the way to invest in the world's most cutting-edge technology companies and top tier funds in some of the fastest growing sectors such as consumer internet, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, blockchain, biotechnology, cloud computing, enterprise software, 5G, etc.


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